More than 2,300 employees around the world participate

Monsanto Gives Back Day reached more communities in 2017, expanding the community volunteer program to include all Supply Chain employees around the world. Building on the success of last year’s effort, the program engaged more than 2,300 employees who dedicated more than 9,000 hours of service to local communities on a day of their choosing during the week of August 7.

“We’ve been thrilled with the results of Monsanto Gives Back Day. The program has expanded from a U.S. to an international effort in just a few years, with the number of employees participating on the rise as well,” said Hannah Neuenschwander, a production manager at Monsanto’s corn production site in Williamsburg, Iowa, and one of the founders of the initiative. “2017 felt like the right time to expand the program’s length to a week, giving employees increased flexibility to participate and adding time to coordinate with local leaders on how we can best serve the communities where we work.”

While efforts vary by community, Monsanto employees cleaned up parks and roadsides, assisted elderly citizens with household tasks and harvested produce for local food pantries, among other projects. Two Monsanto employees, Neuenschwander and Fernanda Cabrera, were inspired to start Monsanto Gives Back Day after participating in The Big Event, a one-day community service project started at Texas A&M in 1982.

Monsanto Gives Back Day is a part of the Monsanto Together Volunteer Program, a formal companywide program that gives employees the opportunity to direct grant money to nonprofits of their choice after volunteering their time. Since 2010, Monsanto employees worldwide have logged approximately 500,000 volunteer hours, and the program has granted more than $2 million to nonprofits. Last year alone, employees donated 100,000 hours.

“Monsanto encourages employees to contribute their time and expertise to causes that are important to them,” said Janet M. Holloway, Monsanto’s Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and Community Relations. “To see Monsanto Gives Back Day grow so much in only three years shows that our employees hold their local communities close to their hearts. Expanding globally will increase the positive impact we seek to have on every community where Monsanto has a presence.”

For more information on Monsanto’s community outreach efforts around the world, including volunteer activity, please visit the company’s 2016 Sustainability Report, “Growing Better Together”.

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