Concerted efforts to restore and maintain areas of the Appalachian wilderness have expanded in recent years. The Appalachian Wildlife Foundation is seeking to create one of the most extensive and most impactful projects to date, and Monsanto is playing a key role.

In conjunction with the development of a world-class wildlife and conservation education facility in Middlesboro, KY, the Monsanto Global Crop Protection team donated 10,000 gallons of RoundUp WeatherMAX to help restore areas consumed by overgrowth. The product donation presented an opportunity to use WeatherMAX for its environmental benefits and weed suppression during regrowth.

The restoration project will improve habitats of everything from elk and grassland songbirds to honeybees and monarchs as crews remove fescue and other weeds and replace them with desirable grasses. Once complete, the facility will attract an estimated 500,000 visitors annually, with opportunities to explore the rehabilitated ecosystem and learn about wildlife protection. The facility is scheduled to open in Summer 2019, and substantial progress on the restoration of the land is expected by the spring. Photos tracking the center’s development are posted at the Appalachian Wildlife Center project site.

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