Monsanto’s Commitment to Steward Corn Rootworm-Protected Traits

Monsanto is committed to the success of our farmer customers and to providing practical, flexible and cost-effective solutions that address on-farm challenges, contribute to farmer choice and provide economic benefits to our customers. To ensure insect-protected Bt traits remain a viable tool for farmers, we are committed to ongoing conversations with the corn industry – making the following commitments to establish the most comprehensive approach to the stewardship of corn rootworm-protected traits. 

We commit to:

  • Expand the availability of corn hybrids with multiple modes of action to protect against the corn rootworm.
  • Offer a robust product line of elite varieties – both with and without corn rootworm traits.
  • Develop tools and products that make it easier for farmers to comply with refuge requirements.
  • Implement broad outreach and farmer educational programs on the benefits of strong integrated pest management (IPM) plans.
  • Conduct comprehensive monitoring of corn rootworm populations across the Corn Belt.
  • Work with our customers to implement best management practices (BMPs) on fields with greater than expected corn rootworm damage.
  • Invest in our R&D pipeline to continuously develop next-generation insect protection trait solutions that will offer new modes of action for increased durability.
  • Continue to invest and develop soybeans to support our leading recommended BMP – rotating the field to a non-host crop, which breaks the corn rootworm cycle.
  • Support collaborative, new research that increases broadly our understanding of corn rootworm and corn rootworm management.