The Learning Center at Scott, MS

What is Monsanto’s “Scott, MS Learning Center?”

The Learning Center at Scott, Mississippi provides growers and producers the ability to tour our research and demonstration plots focused on presenting advanced agronomic studies. 

At a Glance

  • Scott, MS
  • 130 acres of research and demonstration plots
  • Showcases all three of Monsanto's core crops: corn, cotton, and soybeans
  • Rain-fed and furrow irrigation systems

  • Soil types from rich, river-deposited silty loams to heavier clays

  • State-of-the art classroom facilities


What will I see on a visit to The Learning Center?

Visitors to the Learning Center will see research and demonstration plots with the latest corn, cotton, and soybean germplasm and technologies from Monsanto from a systems perspective. While specific Monsanto germplasm and traits are utilized, determining the best agronomic practices for these products is the focal point for our investigations. In addition to these studies, visitors will be able to view the newest technologies from Monsanto which are currently in the development pipeline.

At the Learning Center

  • Corn Research and Demonstrations 
  • Cotton Research and Demonstrations 
  • Soybean Research and Demonstrations
  • Weed Management Research and Demonstrations
  • New Technologies Research and Demonstrations*
  • New Hybrid, Varietal Characteristics, and Management