Learning Center at Monmouth, IL

What is the Monsanto Learning Center at Monmouth?

The Monsanto Learning Center located at Monmouth, IL features research labs, classroom training, and plot tours. We work toward advanced research in corn and soybean production to better meet the needs of the farmer and consumer.

    At a Glance

    • Monmouth, IL
    • 480-acre research farm
    • Average annual rainfall of 38 inches
    • Soil type at the site is a silt loam
    • State-of-the art classroom facilities
    • Outreach Center

    What will I see during a visit to the Learning Center?

    Some of the more common research topics visitors may learn about include: weeds, insects, diseases, tillage, fertility utilization, hybrids and varieties, intensive corn and soybean management systems, plant populations, plant spatial arrangement, and herbicide application. In addition to these topics, visitors will be able to view the newest Monsanto technologies which allows a look at the advanced agronomic tools scheduled to be available in the future.

        Contact Info

        Monsanto Agronomy Center
        1677 80th Street
        Monmouth, IL 61462

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        At the Learning Center

        • Corn Research and Demonstrations
        • Soybean Research and Demonstrations
        • Weed Management Research and Demonstrations
        • New Technologies Research and Demonstrations
        • Acceleron Seed Treatment products in Corn and Soybeans

        Download Handbook


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        Download Handbook

        Download Handbook