Learning Center at Huxley, Iowa

The vision for the Huxley Learning Center is to bring an agronomic center to Iowa and to focus on education about precision agriculture concepts, equipment, and applications.

Alongside the indoor tour facilities,  there are 50 acres of the latest innovations in field demonstrations:

  • Precision Planting technologies
  • Corn and soybean germplasm
  • Biotechnology and agronomic systems

There is also a state-of-the-art computer training room and conference center with an auditorium to seat up to 120 people. The facilities support training on the latest technologies and products from Monsanto, Precision Planting, and The Climate Corporation.

The Tour

The site is home to an interactive tour, taking visitors through interactions of seed science, precision equipment, and data science.

Seed science looks at how genetics, biotech traits, and agronomics contribute to bringing more food to harvest.

Precision equipment highlights the complexities of how farmers plant their crops. Consistent seeding rate, plant depth, good seedbed preparation, and varying the rates of seeds and inputs are all important factors to try to create the best conditions for every seed to deliver high yields.

Data science can be used to help farmers make better decisions on the farm. On-farm data, modeling, and customized tools can provide benefits to the farmer.


Contact Info

The Huxley Learning Center
1551 Highway 210 
Huxley, IA 50124

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