Today, The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company (NYSE:
MON), announced a partnership with Deveron UAS Corp. (CSE: DVR), that
will deliver farmers advanced aerial imagery data combined with powerful
analytics through The Climate Corporation’s industry-leading Climate
FieldView digital agriculture platform. The addition of Deveron
supports Climate’s commitment to deliver a true digital ag ecosystem
where farmers can access a broad, interconnected set of tools, services
and data to optimize all of their farm management decisions.

“As remote sensing through advanced imagery continues its fast-paced
development, drones are increasingly playing an important role to help
farmers gain deeper insights into crop performance at scale,” said Mark
Young, chief technology officer for The Climate Corporation. “Deveron
has built a broad network of drones and sensors across North America to
provide farmers with more data solutions to manage field variability,
and we look forward to working with them to equip more farmers with
data-rich imagery insights to make the best decisions for their

Based in Canada, Deveron is a leading full-service enterprise drone data
company with a growing fleet of drones that can each conduct five to
eight flights per day to collect, analyze and deliver farmers
data-driven insights to help them make more informed decisions, reduce
costs and increase yields. Deveron services are currently offered to
farmers across core growing regions of Canada, and the company will be
expanding its capabilities to the U.S. Corn Belt in the near-term.

During the 2017 growing season, Deveron and Climate completed a
successful pilot program in Ontario, allowing farmers to visualize
Deveron imagery within their Climate FieldView account. For the 2018
growing season, this partnership will enable aerial imagery data to
seamlessly flow into a farmer’s Climate FieldView account at the
farmer’s request, allowing them to experience deeper analysis of how
their crops are performing in-season, alongside important field data
layers such as planting and yield data. Recently, Climate announced
the expansion of the Climate FieldView platform into Western Canada,
with the platform on nearly one million acres in Eastern Canada.

“The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView platform aligns closely
with our mission of delivering farmers a simple data collection
solution, coupled with advanced analytics, to help farmers more
precisely monitor their crops,” said David MacMillan, president and
chief executive officer for Deveron. “Partnering with the Climate
FieldView platform will further our ability to bring low cost,
high-resolution imagery to more farmers so they can zero in on exactly
what’s happening in their fields and gain actionable insights to help
them achieve the highest return on investment.”

The Climate FieldView platform already offers advanced satellite imagery
tools to help farmers protect their crops by identifying issues in the
field before they impact yield. Innovative aerial imagery technologies
like Deveron can provide farmers imagery at a higher resolution and
frequency than satellite imagery, delivering on-demand information that
can be used in digital ag tools to help farmers make more informed,
data-driven agronomic decisions.

In 2016, The Climate Corporation announced the extension of the Climate
FieldView platform and has since announced a variety of partnerships,
including several advanced
imagery providers
. Climate’s platform strategy unlocks a stronger
and quicker path to market for third-party ag innovators, simplifying
the complex digital ag landscape for farmers and making it easier for
other innovators to bring valuable new technologies to farmers faster.
Launched in 2015, the Climate FieldView platform is on more than 120
million acres with more than 100,000 users across the United States,
Brazil and Canada. It has quickly become the most broadly connected
platform in the industry and continues to expand into new global
regions. Earlier this week, the company announced
the pre-commercial launch of the Climate FieldView platform into regions
of Europe.

As innovation in the digital agriculture space continues to accelerate
rapidly around the globe, Climate continues to explore partnership
opportunities to provide farmers with the insights they need to improve
their productivity. If you are interested in partnering with The Climate
Corporation, please visit

For more information about the Climate FieldView platform in Canada,
contact Climate Support at 1.888.924.7475 or visit
For more information about Deveron, visit

About The Climate Corporation

The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, aims to help
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About Deveron UAS

Deveron is a nationally compliant, Transport Canada licensed, UAV
operator providing enterprise drone data services to agriculture.
Deveron’s data helps farmers increase yields and reduce costs using
sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS” or “drones”), sensors,
software and analytics. Deveron’s drone data service network allows
enterprise level customers to obtain on-demand, actionable data without
exposure to technology and capital risks. The Company is focused on
building a standardized network of drones and sensors to provide data in
North America.