This coming planting season, farmers in four Midwestern states will
participate in Monsanto's Ground Breakers testing program for
FieldScripts, the company's first product from the Integrated Farming
Systems (IFS) platform. FieldScripts is designed to provide farmers with
a valuable new approach to boost on-farm productivity while also
supporting more sustainable agriculture systems for our growing world.

Monsanto's IFS Commercial Lead John Raines anticipates that the product
will provide significant value for U.S. farmers.

"We have been testing FieldScripts over the past two years, and we've
seen consistent yield increases when farmers use the product," said
Raines. "For our 2013 Ground Breakers trials, we're more than doubling
the farmers testing the product. We are looking forward to finalizing
our product offering for farmers to provide accurate, effective and
easy-to-use planting prescriptions and hybrid recommendations that help
to increase yield potential and mitigate risk on farm."

Monsanto uses the Ground Breakers program to gain feedback from farmers
on new product performance ahead of commercialization. Next year will be
a product testing year for FieldScripts. In 2014, Monsanto anticipates
FieldScripts will be launched in the DEKALB® corn brand in Illinois,
Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota.

Farmer Kip Tom of Tom Farms in Leesburg, Ind. has seen the value of
FieldScripts firsthand. "Farmers have extensive data on their land, and
FieldScripts will help them put this data to work to increase yield
potential," said Tom. "There is no system available today that offers
what Monsanto has developed to improve farmers' investment in crop
production on their farms. After three years of partnering with Monsanto
to test the concept and product, I have been very impressed with the
increase in yield I've seen by using FieldScripts."

Raines said FieldScripts will be offered through Monsanto's existing
dealer network. "Today, farmers consult with their seed dealers about
the best DEKALB hybrid for their farm. That process will continue, but
the conversation will be much more individualized by field to meet that
farmer's needs," said Raines.

The farmer will provide inputs like field boundaries, yield data, and
fertility test results to their seed dealer. The dealer will work with
the farmer to select each field to enroll in FieldScripts. Using
Monsanto's extensive seed-by-environment data, the company will deliver
a variable rate seeding prescription by yield management zone and a
recommendation for the best hybrid for each field. The prescription will
be provided through Precision Planting's FieldView app for the iPad®
handheld device to the farmer's tractor. The prescription will then be
executed using Precision Planting's 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and planter
control system.

Integrated Farming Systems Maximizes Yield Opportunity

FieldScripts will be the first commercial product from Monsanto's IFS
platform, announced as a part of the company's pipeline update in
January 2012. IFS brings together Monsanto's unique understanding of how
plant genetics perform in different environments and combines that
know-how with precision equipment and advanced data analysis to help
farmers maximize yield potential on the farm.

IFS Strategy Lead Ted Crosbie believes this work will support an
increasingly more sustainable agriculture system, as it allows more
precise production using the finite resources available on farms.

"IFS is really about matching the right corn hybrid to the yield
environments in the field and then determining the optimal agronomic
practices to bring out the very best performance in that hybrid for
farmers," Crosbie said. "IFS represents a new way of thinking about
agriculture and the resources behind it."

At the core of the IFS platform is the exclusive data analysis that
Monsanto has developed to examine various factors - soil, environmental
parameters, and others - to create management zone recommendations that
are uniquely tailored to germplasm performance. This analysis, along
with Monsanto's extensive hybrid testing process, make Monsanto's IFS
platform unique in the industry.

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