The Monsanto Fund has donated $150,000 to the China Development Research Fund (CDRF) to renovate the kitchens of 23 village kindergartens in the Guizhou province of China, which is in the southwestern region of the country.

The Monsanto Fund, the charitable arm of the Monsanto Company, supported the project through its Food and Nutrition program initiative which globally addresses childhood malnutrition and food insecurity. Through its partnership with the CDRF, each of the kitchens are now safe, hygienic, highly efficient and environmentally friendly. They are also equipped with modern electrical appliances and cooking tools.

The new kindergarten kitchens will serve more than 1,400 children between the ages of three and five-years-old.

“Providing safe and healthy food choices for young children is essential for their academic development,” said Al Mitchell, President of the Monsanto Fund. “This investment aligns with our goals of developing and implementing solutions to address hunger issues that impact the communities we serve.”

Guizhou Province is largely agricultural but many of its 35 million residents live in poverty. The Monsanto Fund’s support of the Kitchen Improvement Project aligns with the Chinese government’s  focus of reducing social inequality within its rural preschools.