This year marks the 70th anniversary of the well-recognized DEKALB® winged
ear logo.

The original winged-ear symbol depicted DeKalb brand corn flying away
with the farm mortgage, advising farmers to "Let DeKalb Quality Hybrids
Be Your Mortgage Lifter." This tagline was of particular importance
during the Depression, when many farmers struggled to pay their

Originally registered as a trademark in 1936, the winged ear of corn
became the official logo of DEKALB. Today, an updated version of that
logo stands for the same thing - outstanding yield potential that
generates higher returns for farmers who grow DEKALB corn.

"In 1936, DEKALB advertisements and communications pieces announced
attributes such as stiff stalks, further feeding and high yield," says
Jason Hoag, DEKALB Marketing Manager. "Today, we're still proud of our
strong roots, strong stalks and strong yields. The wording may have
changed slightly, and numerous hybrids may have been added to the DEKALB
product lineup over the years, but the overall message remains almost
identical 70 years later."

In recognition of the 70th anniversary milestone, DEKALB will feature
versions of its circa-1936 logo at the Farm Progress show in Amana,
Iowa, and at additional events throughout 2006.

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DEKALB® is a registered trademark of DeKalb Genetics
Corporation. ©2006 Monsanto Company.