Why do Monsanto officials claim roundup is safe but refuse to drink it?

from Sini K.

from Sini K.

Hi, Sini:

It sounds like you may be referring to the video that went viral in 2015, claiming a Monsanto lobbyist stated that glyphosate is safe to drink but when confronted with a glass of glyphosate, refused to drink it. Unfortunately, like many stories on the web, this one is riddled with incorrect information. First, and foremost, glyphosate isn't a beverage and should not be ingested – just like you wouldn't drink shampoo or dish detergent. It is always important to use products for their intended purpose and as directed on the label. All labeled uses of glyphosate are safe for human health and supported by one of the most extensive worldwide human health databases ever put together on an agricultural product.  

Secondly, the individual in the video, Patrick Moore, isn’t a Monsanto lobbyist or employee. Knowledgeable scientists, consumers and our farmer customers may be familiar with and confident in the safety of glyphosate, but their statements don’t make them lobbyists for our company. Dr. Patrick Moore is one of those individuals. He agrees with the science that supports the safety of glyphosate, and is an advocate for technology and innovation. But Dr. Patrick Moore is not and never has been a paid lobbyist for Monsanto. 

We hope we answered your question.

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