Does Monsanto play a role in investigating if GMOs are safe? What are the benefits of GMOs? Does Mons. grow/sell seeds that aren’t gen. mod?

from Courtney M.

from Courtney M.

Hi Courtney, thanks for your questions. Below are a few answers and link that may help:   

Yes, we do play a role in making sure GMOs are safe, but we don't have the final say. The process to bring a new GMO seed to market is a long and thorough. Our scientists and researchers conduct tests for food, feed and environmental safety. But before a product can be introduced to the market, it must be approved by independent scientists at regulatory agencies, who review the data for each product and determine its safety for the environment, animals and consumers.   GMOs can provide a range of benefits, from using natural resources more efficiently to reducing pesticide use. Check out this article on The Guardian about GMO crops or view
the video above to find out what a farmer thinks about the benefits of GMOs.

In addition to GM seeds, Monsanto also breeds seeds the traditional way, using a combination of time-tested and innovative techniques, with more than 2,000 seed varieties sold in more than 160 countries. For more information about the safety approval process, please visit our food safety FAQ page.

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