Modern agriculture practices are key to protecting our planet. Here are a few reasons why!


Effective water utilization is important for farmers and the environment. Innovations such as water conservation practices and hybrid seed technology help crops to be resilient in drought situations.


Pesticides can be an important tool to help farmers use water, soil, and other important resources more efficiently. Advances in seed technology allow farmers to use pesticides more strategically, saving farmers time and money while protecting our fragile environment.


The world’s supply of fresh-water is limited. Biotechnology – a method of transferring genes directly into a plant without the long process of trial and error – allows some crops to grow with less water, allowing fresh-water supplies to be used for other needs such as clean drinking water.


We all have a role to play in protecting our waterways. Modern agriculture practices like no-till farming can reduce water runoff and soil erosion. No-till farming also increases the amount and variety of life in and on the soil, making soils more fertile and resilient.


Advances in crop protection help farmers guard against weeds, insects and disease. Data, software, and precision technology–to name a few–are crop protection tools that help increase crop yields so that farmers can feed our ever-growing population.