Benefits of Biotechnology

Biotechnology: Quick facts



     Food safety issues associated with genetically modified (GM) crop products

> 20

     Years farmers have planted GM crops (since 1996)


     Governmental food, feed and environmental regulatory approvals for GM crops globally as of 2016


     Countries planting GM crops in 2016

> 18 million

     Farmers planting GM crops in 2016

5.3 billion

     Cumulative acres planted with GM crops since 1996

$15.5 billion

     Net economic benefit to farmers growing GM crops in 2015

174 million

     Acres of land saved from plowing and cultivations by productivity gains of GM crops from 1996-2015

26.7 billion

    Reduction of CO2 emissions (in kg) by planting GM crops in 2015

Biotechnology: Benefits


After more than 20 years of planting on more than 5 billion acres (2 billion hectares) worldwide, genetically modified (GM) crops, crops improved through the science of biotechnology, deliver proven economic and environmental benefits, a solid record of safe use, and promising products for our future.

PG Economics Limited reported that over the last 20 years, GM crops have reduced agriculture’s environmental impact as well as positively impacted economic growth in 26 countries where the products are being used.

Global Impact of GM crops: 1996-2015

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