In 2015, we convened The Sustainable Food Systems Advisory Council in the spirit of seeking feedback and dialogue on key topics in the food system today. The Council is comprised of experts and thought leaders who will help broaden Monsanto’s perspective and understanding within the global food system, including sustainability, health and wellness, policy and consumer dynamics.  

Council members represent themselves as individuals and not the institution(s) at which they are employed. Further, the Council, while receiving modest compensation from Monsanto for participating, serves only an advisory role and their participation does not constitute endorsement of any Monsanto products or business practices. Finally, Council members are not being funded for academic research. The group is facilitated by Ms. Sylvia Rowe, President of SR Strategy, and includes 8 other leaders:

  • Michiel Bakker
  • John Buchanan
  • Brandon Mcfadden
  • Jason Riis
  • Barbara Schneeman
  • Rafi Taherian
  • Mary Young
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