Supplier Diversity

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Supplier Diversity


Our Commitment

As a world-class company competing successfully on a global scale, we recognize that our personnel and supply base should reflect the diversity of an ever-changing market place that knows no geographic boundaries. Our Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Program showcases our commitment to the economic growth and advancement of communities while allowing us to tap into small and diverse businesses that have the potential to strengthen our supply chain, be more responsive, innovative, and in tune with the changing tastes and preferences of our consumers.

Program Overview

Our Supplier Diversity Program allows us to tap into talented suppliers that have the potential to reduce supply chain risk and be more responsive, innovative and in tune with changing tastes and preferences of our country without sacrificing total cost of ownership. As one of our four D&I strategic imperatives, our commitment to Supplier Diversity is one of many ways in which we fulfill our mission, positively impacting the communities in which we serve.

Program Specifics

A Supplier may be classified as diverse if they are at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by a U.S. citizen (or citizens) from one of the following groups:

  • African American/Black
  • Asian
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual
  • Native American
  • Person with a Disability
  • Veteran/ Service-Disabled Veteran
  • Woman

Doing Business With Monsanto

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