Growers, like this farmer, continue to need new weed control tools to help in their fight against tough-to-manage weeds. As we look to the 2018 season, it is vital that recommendations on the future of low-volatility dicamba formulations, including XtendiMax® with VaporGrip® Technology, be made based on science- and fact-based approaches.

During the Arkansas State Plant Board’s public comment period in October and Nov. 8 public hearing, Monsanto provided the Plant Board additional data and information to support the low-volatility dicamba formulation XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology. Please see below for Monsanto’s presentation to the Plant Board and science shared surrounding the technology.


November 8 Public Hearing


September 21 Public Hearing

September 7 Petition for Rulemaking

Note: Submissions under Sept. 21 and Sept. 7 were originally provided to the Arkansas State Plant Board on those dates.