Farmers know the importance of the world’s natural resources. About 0.5 percent of the world’s water is available as fresh water. Of that, approximately 70 percent is used by agriculture. At the same time, farmers are using less land, while looking for ways to enrich the soil to produce better harvests. Monsanto recognizes we have a role in helping today’s farmers use natural resources efficiently and sustainably. And, it’s one of the many reasons we’re excited to advance agriculture, right here in Arizona.

Project Status

  • 7 acres of greenhouse space
  • 2 acres of processing and warehouse space
  • 1 office building
  • Crop Grown = Corn under development for production seed to be sold commercially to farmers around the world
  • This site will be a key hub for seed production and innovation
  • Automation technology will help us optimize plant density and movement throughout the greenhouse
  • State-of-the art climate systems will be installed to manage tight temperature and light parameters in the greenhouses
  • All in-bound and out-bound air is filtered and controlled, so we can govern humidity and climate as well as contain pollen


  • We’ll minimize environmental impact by reducing water usage while managing exposure to weather variables we may otherwise encounter in open field environments.
  • More days of Arizona sunlight mean that we can maintain plants in a more energy efficient way than a greenhouse built in other geographies with less energy.
  • Greenhouses use less land compared to traditional cornfields.
  • Automation inside the greenhouse will allow precise management of plant diseases and insect control, reducing how much pesticide and fertilizer is used.
  • The smaller footprint combined with a 100 percent water recapture and recycle system, will mean that we’ll be using 1/5th of the water normally used on an open cornfield.
  • A composting facility will also be built on site.

Monsanto in the Community



Innovation can’t happen without the power of people. When the greenhouse is fully operational, we anticipate employing 40 to 60 people in positions ranging from HVAC engineers to plant biologists. Monsanto is regularly recognized as a top employer and corporate citizen, and we look forward to investing in the Pima County economy as we finalize site plans.

For information on careers with Monsanto in Arizona and around the world, visit

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