Our Perspective on the Maui County Initiative
Earlier today, federal courts declared the Maui County initiative seeking to ban GMO crops as contrary to federal and state laws, and therefore invalid.

As longtime residents of Maui County, we are pleased farmers and gardeners on Maui and Molokai will continue to have the freedom to plant the seeds of their choice, whether those seeds are conventional, organic or have biotech traits. We greatly appreciate the tremendous passion and hard work of the thousands of local residents and members of the agricultural community who recognized the problematic nature of this flawed initiative. We remain firmly committed to Hawaii agriculture, and look forward to continuing to support the communities in Maui, Molokai, and Oahu where our more than 700 local employees live and work.

We have also heard the concerns some people have about GMOs and our farming practices, and our commitment to ongoing dialogue with our neighbors won’t stop today. We understand the responsibility we have to farm sustainably and to work collaboratively to promote a strong and successful Hawaii agricultural industry.

We recognize the importance of this topic in Hawaii, and welcome the opportunity to continue having conversations with community members interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, and the role our company plays in helping farmers successfully produce food and other agricultural products that are used by consumers every day.

While supporters of all of these initiatives may question the safety of GM crops and agricultural practices, we and 100s of regulatory agencies, researchers and universities around the globe are confident in the safety of our products and our practices that have been reviewed and approved by federal and state agencies. 

We are committed to opposing initiatives that may impact the ability for farmers to use these safe and valuable tools. As consumers ourselves, Monsanto employees are dedicated to developing products that contribute to safe and nutritious food choices for all consumers – including our own families and friends.  We place the highest priority on the safety of our products, conducting comprehensive product testing and implementing quality control and stewardship programs to support this commitment to safety. 

For more information on Monsanto’s operations in Hawaii, please visit www.monsantohawaii.com.