Human Rights Champions

To ensure that human rights are upheld in our operations and supply chains across the globe a fair amount of coordination and dedication toward continuous improvement is required. In an effort to help accomplish this we established a global network of Monsanto Human Rights Champions to heighten awareness of human rights issues and resolve concerns swiftly in their respective regions. Our champions work as a global, cross-functional team that acts as specialized internal auditors and trainers of suppliers on human rights in the workplace.

Communication and Training

Monsanto’s Human Rights Champions are responsible for:

  • Conducting regular audits
  • Collecting data and reporting on policy adherence
  • Implementing improvements
  • Sharing best practices
  • Educating and building capacity with suppliers

Human Rights Champions

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Training Our Employees

It is important that our own employees are up-to-date with our Human Rights Policy and its implementation.    Employee training may occur during new hire training, through our internal business resource networks or specialized human rights awareness days.  We also require employees to complete computer-based training every few years. In addition to general employee training, we require all of our security employees and individual security contractors to be trained on our Human Rights Policy. In certain areas of the world where we contract with security companies, our Human Rights Champions provide training to groups of employees from these companies.