Meet Some Of Us

We’re a diverse group of thinkers with one common goal: helping to make a balanced meal accessible.

Our employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include farmers, breeders, dietitians, engineers, marketers and environmental scientists.



Our Beeologics business supports the health of a precious pollinator: honey bees. Through industry collaborations and research on innovative biological products, my team works to find safe, effective ways to protect honey bee health.




Every day, I work to stop diseases from hurting plants. Disease can drastically impact harvests. In addition to helping farmers grow more, I also teach the next generation of plant scientists as an adjunct faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis.




Information technology connects all of our teams and allows them to collect valuable data and reduce waste wherever possible. We constantly look for ways to create a positive impact for our customers – who, in turn, provide for the world’s growing population.



Daniel, M.D.

After many years of experience as a consultant pediatrician and medical toxicologist, I joined Monsanto in 1999. As a physician, I make medical and scientific assessments of our biotechnology and chemical products. My foremost commitment continues to be public health, and thus, the safety of our products.




My team is committed to listening to farmers and anticipating future challenges they may face. We then develop tools to address these issues – ultimately helping them grow more food while using fewer resources.




As a sensory scientist, or taste scientist, I work closely with consumers to study their perceptions of fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to breed better produce – with the hopes of helping you not only eat healthy foods, but enjoy them too.




I work in marketing and product management with a great team to help provide sustainable and economical solutions for managing weeds.  I’m honored to be surrounded by hard-working, passionate people and truly enjoy interacting in the field with our farmers who are helping to feed the world.




As a leader in human resources, I find our company’s mission hugely motivating and am thankful to play a small part in making the world “food sufficient” in a sustainable manner. I support teams that work directly with farmers, and see their passion for making agriculture even better.




As a member of the plant breeding team, I help farmers, society and employees understand the complex science that leads to innovation. The most fulfilling part of my job is witnessing the “aha” moments – both at Monsanto and at local school programs – when I educate groups about agriculture and biotechnology.




I help lead the strategic direction and day-to-day activities of our global legal team. Outside the office, our department is working on a potential partnership with an urban agriculture nonprofit organization to build a community youth garden.




I bring corn and soybean farmers top-of-the-line seeds that ultimately put more food on grocery store shelves. I was born in rural India and raised in America, so I’ve seen firsthand the need for better seeds and tools that can help farmers around the world.