Meet Tessa, a global seed compliance manager who has, throughout her career, helped farmers access resources. We asked Tessa to explain why her work is important and how her work can impact global food security.

Why did you decide to work for Monsanto?
Prior to joining the company I saw Monsanto as the global leader in agricultural technology. I wanted to work with and learn from the best people in my field.
Why do you think your work is important?
We develop, produce and distribute great agricultural technology to farmers all over the world. The tools we offer help enable farmers to produce more and higher quality food, which are key contributors to sustained food security.
What are your life goals? Does your work at Monsanto play a part in those goals?
To achieve a healthy work-life balance. I want to have a strong marriage, be a great mom and do interesting work that supports a good quality of life for my family. My position at Monsanto supports all of this.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about Monsanto?
There are so many misconceptions about Monsanto. The most common misconception is a general sense that Monsanto is bad – that we only care about the bottom line – and that our products are unsafe.
How does your work contribute to helping feed a growing world?
Food security is achieved through stable availability of and access to nutritious food. Monsanto’s product line includes stress tolerant, high yield-potential, pest-protected and nutritionally improved crop varieties. Through our global breeding, supply and distribution networks, Monsanto can make these products available to farmers around the world, large and small, rich and poor.
What kind of training and background is necessary for your work?
Training and skills in agricultural science – I have an MS in Agronomy – and experience in policy and regulation. My international experience enables a rich understanding of our global business.
Why did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?
I’m a foodie and a plant biologist with a passion for knowing and understanding the world. International agriculture merges these interests. I’ve had the opportunity to work with farmers, in remote corners of the world, as they strive to grow more and better food.