We often get questions like, “Who is Monsanto?” and “What do you do?” We recently debuted a video to explain how we are helping to develop sustainable ways to feed our growing population.

This important work is driven by the talent and dedication of our employees, several of whom were enlisted to share their expertise and help tell Monsanto’s story in the video. Meet Renata, an Insect Biochemist, who is one of those featured employees.

Renata has also been featured in a separate video, in which she explains how genetically modified crops play an important part in helping farmers grow enough food to feed a growing population. To view this video, scroll below.

Renata, Insect Biochemist
Home Country
: Brazil

How long have you worked at Monsanto?
Five amazing years!
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I love working with people; I have a picture of my team as my screensaver just because I feel so proud of everyone and everything we are accomplishing – and that’s my big reward.
Describe a favorite memory of working with colleagues at Monsanto.
There are so many, but every time we find a new protein that helps control our insect targets, the ENTIRE team celebrates. Everyone feels like they contributed and that their individual work was an essential component of the larger accomplishment.