Who We Hire

At Monsanto, we look for professionals in different types of positions across our business. Visit jobs.monsanto.com to search our full list of open jobs.

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We routinely seek professionals in the following areas:

Our hiring process is closely linked to corporate strategy. As a result, we’ve identified five competencies indicative of success throughout our organization. These serve as the essential characteristics we look for in new hires:

Relationships and Networks – in our global company, you’ll regularly engage with teams and networks across geographic, political, demographic, functional and other cultural and organizational boundaries.

Courage and Candor – facing some of the world’s toughest challenges head on and being able to respectfully disagree about how to do it are highly valued traits at Monsanto.

Agility – in the dynamic industry we operate within, flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations creates more opportunities along the way for our customers and your career.

Initiative and Foresight – recognizing the opportunities ahead of you and acting on them can mean the difference between the next great breakthrough and a missed opportunity.

Results Orientation – delivering results is integral to both your career success and our success as a company. We look for people that want to contribute from day one and turn strategies and commitments into realities.


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