Emerging Leaders in Science

You’ve been head of the class and ahead of the curve in your research. Your experience is destined to make an impact on a global scale. At Monsanto, we’re meeting the challenges of a resource-stressed world to ensure a future – a better future – for mankind. Now you can be an integral part in helping us innovate ways to produce more crop yields that will feed current populations, conserve more natural resources for future generations and improve lives in cultures across the world. In the Emerging Leaders in Science rotational program, you’ll be immersed in a comprehensive, cross-functional experience within a world leader in agricultural biotechnology. You’ll work with and be mentored by some of Monsanto’s most talented scientific leaders – and emerge prepared to lead the way to agricultural innovation.

Applications will be posted soon for the next class of Emerging Leaders in Science:
  • Data Scientist
  • Engineering
  • Chemists

  • Scientists for Emerging Leaders In Science 

  • Openings for Analytical Chemists
  • Formulation Chemists/Scientists
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Environmental Chemists
  • Organic Chemists
  • Discovery Scientists
  • Chemistry Data
  • Chemical Engineers for Production Technology
How Does the Emerging Leaders in Science Program Work?
Monsanto’s Emerging Leaders in Science (ELS) rotational program allows you to apply your research and leadership experience across our Global Technology (R&D) organization. The program consists of three, one-year rotational assignments. Following successful completion of the three-year program, you’ll be placed in a key role within Monsanto’s Technology Organization.
What’s in It for You?
  Exposure to cutting-edge science and technology

  Continuous learning through exposure to multiple areas of R&D/Technology

  Lasting coaching relationships with experienced leaders and mentors

  Formalized training to cultivate skills as a complement to on-the-job learning

  Centralized onboarding as part of a “class” of program participants

  Connectivity to and visibility with R&D/Technology Leadership Team members

  Placement in key roles upon successful completion of the three-year program
Who Are We Looking For?
We are looking for top scientific talent in one of the following or a closely related discipline:
  • Data Science: Predictive Analytics, Software Engineer, Domain
  • Chemistry: Formulation, Chemical Engineering, Analytical
  • Advanced Technical Engineer: Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Field Design
What Key Attributes Should You Possess?
  Strong leadership desire, ability and potential

  Solid scientific and technical expertise

  Exceptional communication skills

  Innovation and critical thinking skills

  Strong learning aptitude and agility

  Excellent relationship, networking, and collaboration skills

  Ability and desire to work in a heavily matrixed, team-based environment

  Ability and willingness to relocate