Business Resource Networks

We support a variety of employee-organized and led resource groups. The networks’ mission is to further the professional development of their members so that they can contribute fully to achieving our corporate goals and objectives.

Membership is open to all employees around the globe. Anyone from any background can join any network group.

The Access Network supports Monsanto employees, employee family members, and Monsanto customers with visible and non-obvious disabilities through awareness, improved access to facilities, opportunities, and resources.

The mission of the Africans and African Americans in Monsanto (AAIM) network is to continuously develop African and African American employees in support of Monsanto’s goals and objectives. The network focuses on creating a great place to work and sustaining an inclusive environment that enables African Americans to be successful while adding value to our company and communities.

Encompass provides an environment of learning, sharing, and communication for Monsanto’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual employees as well as their allies.

Monsanto Asian Connection (MAC) is focused on developing and leveraging the Asian American employee culture within Monsanto through career development, networking, and personal connections within the company for employees and providing support for multi-cultural business needs, and participation in outreach opportunities

The Monsanto Family Network helps employees balance their work contributions with family responsibilities at home through programs, groups and connections to those with similar circumstances.

The goal of the Monsanto Latin Network is to enhance the Monsanto experience by creating development opportunities for our members, fostering leadership, leveraging and raising the awareness of Latin diversity, and creating a sense of community.

The Monsanto Young Professionals Network provides young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s with the unique opportunity to connect with peers and management, explore Monsanto’s global business, gain leadership experience and give back to the community through agriculture-related service projects.

VANGUARD is Monsanto’s Veterans and National Guard Network. The organization focuses on bringing together Monsanto members who supported their country or state through military service. Initiatives include supporting service members & their families in the event of deployment, networking with national and local military organizations and working with Talent Acquisition.

Women’s Diversity Network seeks to further the professional development of women, foster leadership growth, and create a sense of community to enhance success at Monsanto.